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Vintage Photos

Got some classics??  Submit your photos for all to enjoy....new photos in blue.

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These photos' are courtesy of Mark Kono......mahalo


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Of course the park is "the Pipeline" Upland


Mid-Eastern Skateboard Series 1984  (Johnson City, TN)

CTreese.jpg (190438 bytes)
Chuck Treese
aka (McRad)

JKendfplant.jpg (156369 bytes)
Jeff Kendall

JKendhand.jpg (112777 bytes)
J. Kendall

JKendhnd2.jpg (138810 bytes)

McGillair.jpg (41434 bytes)
Mike McGill

McGillfthnd.jpg (56469 bytes)

MMcGillhand.jpg (146237 bytes)

TGroh1fthnd.jpg (137601 bytes)
Tom Groholski

TGrohand.jpg (127821 bytes)

TGrohbair.jpg (133816 bytes)

Long Story short.... McGill, Roskopp and Gator was flown out during this summer series to judge. Little did we know, McGill would be premiered doing the McTwist in the following months Thrasher/Transworld...so obviously he had already done it , but kept it a secret at this visit..hehe  Gator never did skate the whole time...Roskopp skated a couple of times (wish I still had the board I bought from him <his first pro model>.  Kendall, Groholski, Underhill were still Sponsored Ams, but after this '84 summer series they would all turn pro and move to California.

Photo's courtesy of Troy Yamanaka

Eddie Reatagui
Windward Mall
Demo  1986

Grant Fukuda
Peace Ramp
Kaneohe 80's

Kirk Murakami
Plum Ramp
Kaneohe '86

Tony Magnuson
Windward Mall
Demo  1988

Steve Steadham
Windward Mall
Demo  1986

Christian Hosoi
Zen Ramp
Kaneohe  1986