The Haleiwa skate park is going to be located just past Jamison by the Sea resturant, across from the Haleiwa Beach Park.  The construction is "Phase 1" which will consist of a Marselle (France) type of  configuration with added square and round bowl.....   Unfortunatly, due to it's location and limitations (due to water table, and other restrictions), only a depth (of should I say height) of 6 feet is the max.  So, out went the hopes of the multi-level bowls and the 5-9ft pool.  Now everything will be 6' (8 tranny) and a 5' (7 tranny)   Anyway, this is phase one....phase two will consist of a street course adjacent to phase one...don't expect to see this one till the end (very end) of 2001, but most likely 2002.