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Super Mini at the Hickam Skate Hangar

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29 October 2001

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19 November 2001

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30 December 2001

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28 June 2002

01 July 2002

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Good things take least when it comes to other peoples  Anyway  looks like we're due completion on the project this month (Sep 2002).  This is the widest mini-ramp in Hawaii; over 70 ft wide from coping to coping!  The break down is a hip'd 40ft wide mini mostly 6' tall with 6.5ft 90 degree corners at one end and an escalating elbow corners up to 9ft at the opposite end.  The ramp will include 6.5 ft tall sections, 8.5 tall  extension section, 9ft tall corner end w/escalator, pool coping on the extension, an 6-6.5ft escalator and endless fun!  Stay tuned for more photos as we go along....  Aloha