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Consign & Build

  • Interested in a modular ramp park, permanent facility, or demo ramp? Check out the Consign and Build brochure and email for more info...

  • Hawaii Kai original temp. design... of course everyone knows what the ended up with....:)  Check sketch for perm. fac. at this link <here>

  • Our Haleiwa design...which will consist of pure fun, non-stop flow and bring us (old skool) guys back into the days... for u new skool your in for a treat...watch and learn.

  • Our Banzai design will definitly challenge the beginner to advanced.  A mix of bowls, mogels, and street obstacles..now that's the difference between "skatespot" and "skatepark"!  Too bad we couldn't have more room to spread things out a bit...sorry.....beyond out control.

  • Hickam Skate Hangar...a continual progression of building one of the best parks in the nation (too bad it's on the AFB and not open more to the public)...oh well..have funds for skateboarding...we'll build!

  • New Super Mini under construction at Hickam .... completed Sept 2002, click on Projects to view construction progress...

  • Barking Skates... a government project (bid) for the Navy, Barking Sands Kauai

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Barking Sands

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