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PASSeries / Steadham Spyder Cup VI

*14th & 15th of November 2015  -  Hickam Skate Hangar *


Hickam Skate Hangar, HAFB   Hawaii     

(808) 448-4422                           

12pm Registration      1-7pm Street/Bowl Contest     Saturday & Sunday

$15 for one event / $25 for both - incl contest tee
Trophies or Medals & prizes for top 3 places - minimum


Street Contest - Sat  (Divisions)  

10 Under
11-13 ages
14-16 ages
17 UP ages

Sponsored Am.                                                                                

Bowl Contest - Sun  (Divisions)

1A  Beginner
2A  Intermediate
3A  Advanced
Veteran (30yr +)

Sponsored Am.

All Formats / Agendas are subject to change accordingly to time restraints

Skaters will be judged on style, trick difficultly and consistancy

The Jam   (All Divisions)*   

  • Each division will be broken down into 4-6 person "heats"

  • All heats will have a 2-5 minute practice

  • Each heat will skate for a 5-8 minute session

  • The top 1-3 skaters from each heat will advance to Semi-Finals

The Semi  (All Divisions)*

  • Each division will be broken down into 6-8 person "heats"

  • All heats will have a 2-5 minute practice

  • Each skater will skate two 1 min runs (street) & two 45sec (bowl)

  •  Low score dropped & high score run carries to final

  • The top 1-3 skaters from each heat will advance to Final

The Final   (All Divisions)*

  • Each division will consist of the top 6-8 skaters

  • All divisions will have a 2-5 minute practice

  • All divisions will skate one 1 min run (street) & one 45sec run

  • Final run avg with high score from semi for total

  • Top 3 placements receive trophy/medal and prize packs

Sponsored Practice  4:00pm (est)

Sponsored Am  

Sponsored Division does not have to show up until 4:00pm for practice

  • Sponsored Division will be broken into a Jam Format (4-6 person heats) 

  • Then the Top 8-12 skaters will be paired for "head to head" elimination *

  • Each skater will skate one 1 minute runs or until they stop

  • Each winner will advance forward in the "winners bracket"

  • Each loser will fall into a "wild card Bracket"

  • The top winner in the wild card bracket will advance back into the winners bracket

  • The highest score for each "head to head"  declares winner

  • If tied, all scores dropped and a "tie breaker" run declares winner

  • The semi-finalist "losers" will skate against each other for 3rd place

* subject to change depending upon time requirements


The park will be open during the event, regular business hours and reduced admission
Sat:  Mini bowl & Vert ramp open
Sun:  Street and Keyhole open